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What to wear for an interview

1. Align with the business

it's important to align your outfit with the type of business you're interviewing with. Dressing appropriately shows that you understand and respect the company culture, and it can also give you a confidence boost.

It's important to do some research on the company and its dress code before the interview so you have a better understanding of what's appropriate. You could also try to get a sense of what employees typically wear by visiting the company's website or social media pages.

2. Make sure its the best that you have

Make sure that your outfit is the best that you have in terms of quality and condition.

Start by choosing an outfit that fits you well and flatters your body type. This will help you feel confident and comfortable during the interview. Make sure that your clothes are clean, pressed, and free of any wrinkles, stains, or tears. Check your shoes to make sure they are polished and in good condition.

It's also important to pay attention to your grooming. Make sure that your hair is neatly styled, and that your nails are clean and trimmed. Avoid strong perfumes or colognes that could be overwhelming, and make sure that your breath is fresh.

3. Be comfortable

It's also important to be comfortable. After all, you don't want to be distracted or fidgety during the interview because you're not used to the clothes you're wearing.

Avoid clothes that are too tight, too loose, or otherwise uncomfortable. You want to be able to sit, stand, and move around easily without feeling restricted.

If you're not used to wearing dress clothes, try wearing them around the house for a little while before the interview. This will give you a chance to get used to the feel of the fabric and make any necessary adjustments, such as loosening a collar or adjusting the fit of your shoes.

4. Be consistent

This means that your outfit should be consistent with the image you want to project and should also match for all rounds of the interview.

For example, if you're interviewing for a corporate job, you'll want to dress in a more professional manner no matter if it's the first interview round or last, if you're interviewing with the HR executive or the CEO, if it's a virtual video interview or in-person.

Internally, the interview panel do share notes & this might be something that stands out for you.

5. Don't overdress

This means avoiding clothes that are too formal or flashy for the company or the position you're applying for.

The interviewer needs to picture you as a part of their organisation, overdressing or standing out will not help. Remember, the goal is to make a good impression and fit in with the company culture, not to outshine everyone with your outfit.


For a conservative business environment such as a law firm or a financial institution, a classic suit and tie is always a safe choice.

For a business-casual environment, like a tech startup or a creative agency, you have a little more flexibility. A collared shirt or blouse, paired with pants, is a good starting point. Avoid anything too casual like ripped jeans or a tank top.

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