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Top 5 values for a successful career

Written by Erica Menezes- Jr HR Executive, Liz Lyn Careers

What are ​they​? The attitude, behavior and directions based on the values instilled at your workplace. What do they do? Help shape the quality practices of basic tasks that matter the most, adopted by your team to get the job done with the highest standards. Last but not the least, these processes need good communication practices in place, which basically​ ​goes hand in hand with the values you adopt, giving your team more clarity, with a sense of purpose. 1. Delivering quality work It is important that you review your work on a regular basis and ask for feedback on your performance. Maintaining efficiency at work is very important. Ensuring that quality work is delivered at the right time is ideal.

2. Attention to detail We often feel that the end result is what matters, but you might miss out on some details while doing the work. Making notes will help you cling to the details and not overlook them. These small particulars make a huge difference and prove efficiency.

3. Taking accountability Becoming professional at work means holding yourself accountable for your work. Taking responsibility for your own work is essential. Blaming and shifting the burden of responsibility is not a strong work ethic. Accepting mistakes is important to gain credibility at your workplace as there is nothing wrong with making mistakes.

4. Being honest Being honest is a very strong work ethic. Honest employees are respectful people, they know how to speak and when to speak.

5. Learning from your mistakes Don’t neglect your faults because they will prepare you for your career. Inculcate the ability to see through your mistakes. Take reasonable steps to correct your flaws and to find out where you have failed.

Additionally, listen to other people as they might have some good advice. Values are perfectly aligned with how you want to live your life. They help with choices you need to let go of and choices that perfectly align with how you want to live life.

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