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The benefits of listening to podcasts

Written by Lizanne Dsouza- Founder Liz Lyn Careers

India has now become the 3rd largest consumer of content via podcasts and it's not a surprise that over the last six years people have tuned in more to this platform of content absorption due to its benefits.

So what then are the benefits of listening to a podcast?

  1. A cost-effective way to learn about a new subject: generally podcast subscriptions are free and hence a lot of users benefit from them by getting new ideas about running their business or setting up processes internally.

  2. Flexibility: you can listen to podcasts anywhere and do it while multitasking, the idea of listening to a podcast while driving or cooking has become very favorable for people who generally do not have time to sit and research topics that may interest them.

  3. Learning from industry experts: a podcast is a great way to gain knowledge from industry experts who you may not have the privilege of meeting through your professional or personal networks.

  4. Avoiding biased media: several articles online can be biased based on the goal of the media publication and their views, hence podcasts can be a way to get neutral information that is more of a conversation rather than an article that is trying to influence your thought process.

  5. Storytelling: storytelling always generates more interest in the topic, as what you are listening to is an individual's experience rather than just their theory of what works and what doesn't, there are real examples used during sharing of information by the podcast host and guests, this makes the content more real.

  6. Reduces stress: depending on the topic you are listening to, podcasts can be a great way to reduce stress after a long day of work, and at the same enhance learning. Of course, music will have the same effect, however, if you are tired of your playlist, try listening to a podcast for a change.

  7. Overall learning: while podcasts are a great medium to learn something new, podcasts can also help improve your focus and attention span, your vocabulary, and your comprehension as well.

  8. Getting to know your favorite celebrity or inspirational personality: if you are listening to someone that you look up to, podcasts can give you very deep insight into their life and their professional journey as an entrepreneur, yes you can read an autobiography of your idol but a podcast is a great way to feel like you are part of their everyday journey.

I understand that some podcasts are very lengthy and sometimes may seem like you just cannot focus, so grab yourself your favorite beverage, sit at your window or set out for a relaxing drive, and try something new today! thank me later

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