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Teamwork makes the dream work

Written by Lizanne Dsouza Founder Liz Lyn Careers

All of us have heard the phrase "teamwork makes the dream work" probably more than once in our lives and for us who have been part of high-functioning teams, you will admit that this phrase is actually spot on.

The idea is not to just throw a bunch of people together and get them to solve a problem, even though that may be a good employee engagement activity. Putting a team together in order to achieve the results you desire requires a lot more thought than that.

So what allows teamwork makes the dream work?

  1. Clear purpose: Having a clear purpose or vision is such a crucial part of the entire decision-making process, and subsequently plays a very important part in helping the team get direction and ensure that everyone is aligned with what needs to be achieved.

  2. Formulate a step-by-step process and timeline: having a pre-scheduled plan and timeline will allow the team to achieve their targets and their end goal in a more organized and structured way thus avoiding confusion and loss of time.

  3. Get people to volunteer: while setting up a team, try and make sure that people are given the choice to work on a project or a problem rather than forcing them to be a part of a team. This ensures accountability, responsibility, and loyalty to the team and the project as this is something they actively wanted to participate in.

  4. Allocate resources: in order for the team to achieve the end goal they may need some external resources, if this is not provided to them from a time to time basis, the project may turn out to be a failure.

  5. Regular feedback: it's so important for all members of the team to receive regular feedback about their contribution to the team, this will help keep them motivated and know that they are on the right path when it comes to achieving this common goal. Keep this criticism or feedback constructive in order to avoid negativity.

  6. Put an end to unhealthy banter/gossip: when a few people come together, they may not always get along with each other or agree with everything everyone is suggesting, this is a perfectly normal scenario until this creates a chance for gossip. Singling out one or two people from the group will definitely create a negative environment amongst the team and create a work condition that is unpleasant and demotivating to work in.

The truth is that we are often more productive when we work as a team as compared to individually, however, putting the wrong team together or not paying attention to the above-mentioned scenarios can prove to be more destructive than productive. Hence it is always important to plan a team along with the purpose carefully, after all, you don't want your vision to become a nightmare.

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