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Recruiters, and their "we'll let you know." Dialogues

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

Written by Conrad Mendes- HR Executive, Liz Lyn Careers

(No animals were harmed in this blogpost)

What do they do?

Make Rangolis during festive days, gift sonpapdi during new years, and deny holiday requests.

That’s all, right?

And Oh! Yes!!! that “We’ll let you know.” dialogue. Instead of rejecting you directly.

But let me tell you this, recruiters never reject a person.

All those other times as well where you’ve been rejected, it is not really a rejection, it never is.

The recruiter is there to find a right person for the job,

With the right skillsets,

In the right budget,

With the right mind-set,

And the proper motivation,

That is the job.

And when we hear that, “we’ll let you know.” Or “we can’t go ahead with you”

Yes we are, rejected

but we feel dejected

Disheartened & demotivated.

But do you really want to work in a place that has to make adjustments for you?

मेहरबानी – do you want to be selected for that?

No! you’re more than that .

Next time you do not go through the interview process,

Or did not get a call back,

Remember as much as the company didn’t find you Suitable.

The company isn’t right for you.

And that should not bear you down.

Because with that offer letter comes responsibilities.

Which should be capable for you.

It should be in your Judgement.

You cannot shoot a bird with a blind fold on your eyes.

Even if you have the best gun.

So now, when you’re rejected.

Understand this,

Its not a right fit,

And it is no one’s fault,

This place isn’t meant for you,

But there’s a company out there that,

With a JD that defines exactly what you are.

Don’t settle for less,

Don’t Compromise your life for the role.

With every favour comes strings attached.

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