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Make mistakes, done is better than perfect.

(Not about animal cruelty)

Written by Conrad Mendes- HR Executive, Liz Lyn Careers

Not everything is like penicillin, even that was a mistake.

You think Edison or Tesla invented the bulb? Just google who is Humphry Davy.

The cleverest people on this planet know that you do not succeed in the first try.

NASA Knew that we would fail the first man to go to space so they sent Laika.

Our medicines have to be tested before we can consume.

That email where you may have added up a wrong number.

Or that mail where left the attachment out.

Or you missed out an important meeting.

Or you missed out your research.

Or you studied for a wrong examination.

Or you made an error on your visa form.

As long as you don’t kill someone or intentionally inflict harm on someone,

It is alright to make the errors,

Cut yourself some slack,

It is human nature.

Apologise and move on to your next mistake.

Make a tonne of them,

Learn from them,

Repeat them if necessary,

It is not a standard process,

But it can be your standard process,

I think the saddest thing is when someone gets it right the first time and is perfect always. I do not like drama now, but in that process of getting it wrong a million times, you may have lost the opportunity of discovering a thousand things.

Ask a hiker, a solo hiker, ask them, if their planned trip was better or the one that went in a chaos, I am pretty sure most of the answers are of that when they made a mistake on a direction and got list. You do not always need a plan, it is good to have one, but sometimes just the outline of the plan is more enough than the plan to the dot.

So here a take away,

Make mistakes,

Own them,


Move on,

Repeat them if required,

But if you strive to get it right on the first try,

You will definitely miss out on a million opportunities,

Learn more, become better.

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