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Lessons I’ve learned as a Recruiter

Written by Komal Kadam- Sr. HR Executive, Liz Lyn Careers

Working in staffing and recruiting early in my career taught me a lot about people and businesses.

Not every top-notch digital marketing manager or account executive knows how to put together a perfect resume. In staffing and recruiting, if you don’t realise this, you’re going to overlook a ton of great talent. That’s why it’s important to take a little extra time, read between the lines of the resume to figure out someone’s strengths and skills and find great candidates everyone else missed.

This is only one of the many powerful lessons I learned during my time as a recruiter. Here are some of the other insights I gained from this challenging work that could help professionals in any field.

Be Transparent and Honest With Your Candidates

Negotiation: it’s a challenging part of a recruiter’s job, but not one to shy away from completely. I’m still getting used to the salary negotiation part of my screening calls, and for some reason, salary talks have made me pretty nervous.

In the end, the salary is not up to the recruiter. It’s the client’s responsibility, and they will make that decision. All we can do is work with the candidates and clients to communicate clearly each party’s desires and expectations.

Celebrate the little achievements

My manager once told me that your little achievements make a huge impact on us and it makes us feel good. Sometimes we get demotivated and it becomes stressful but it is super important to give yourself some kudos for the new interview that you arranged, the candidate you made happy. That way you will see the worth in doing your job no matter which industry you are in.

Learn to say "No”

I often get this from my boss and a reminder to us how we should value our time and not waste it . If the candidate does not suit the position and you can tell it by the first glance on their CV, tell that to them. Believe me, they will be happy and thankful for not wasting their time because time is money and we do not have both, remember?.

Never give up

We often get demotivated by candidates who back out in the end which bothers us in a very different way, that makes us doubt ourselves out of stress. But I have realised over the years now that no matter which field you choose such a situation will take place and you learn from those experiences and move on and never give up.

There are many other things that I have learned over the past few years and this has now made me feel more confident and happy with what I do on a daily basis. Every mistake that I make is new learning for me which I thoroughly enjoy and I like the experience that I get.

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