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I ran a business

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

Written by Conrad Mendes- HR Executive, Liz Lyn Careers

I ran a business, and now I am working for someone, I spoke against the 9-5 clockwork, Now I am in it. And I think that is okay.

It is really great to lead a business, But if we all lead, who would we lead? If we all quit the rat race, We’d not have Elon, Mark, Bill and many others Hell to that if the rat race was not in existence, A man would not be able to rally a nation to free salt,

And do not get me wrong here, being in a rat race does not mean that you have given up on what you dream. It also does not mean that you are fulfilling someone else’s dream. Yes some bosses are toxic, rude, and should be taken care by Hades, and I would agree with you if you hate your job because of them. And by all means quit that ditch of a place, that rally is going nowhere.

Going from running a business to being in a 9-5 would probably be the best thing that has ever happened to me. Yes, I have a damn good boss whose opinion I can freely oppose and challenge, who supports no matter how much muck I dig up, and is always holding the torch for me. But even apart from that I do love what I do, it gives me some pleasure and so what if I have not layed down the rules. But guess what, my bills are payed on time and I have some spare change to debate my hobby.

If you’ve got a job, You can put in much more effort to getting closer to your loved ones. You can develop your hobby. Cook that perfect Burger every Friday evening. Watch every sunset. Or sunrise. Work does not come home. EMI’s are paid on time. Watch the fireworks at the end of the year, on the 31st December. If you’ve got a business You may not be able put in much more effort to getting closer to your loved ones, because you sleep with your stress. You may not be able to develop your hobby, because you’d rather get another client. Cant cook that perfect Burger every Friday evening, because you just dined with a client, work post 8pm. Watch the income figures as sunrise and sunsets. Work begins at home, EMI’s can be paid after you have paid your employees and other business bills. The end of the year for you is 31st March.

Having a job frees up space in your life, it does block 1/3 of your day to enjoy the rest 150 days out of 365 days a year. Now for you to actually enjoy the rat race you would have to excel at your job, stick to your work times, grow by doing the first 2, and the most important of all be able to develop yourself as you go.

Be in a rat race, you can be a leader, a musician, a sculptor, a poet, a painter, a lover, a blogger, a driver, a photographer, anything you want to be, all together or one apart. Be an entrepreneur, all eyes are on you, you can be all those thing, but you cannot make a mistake, you ride really high and the fall from there is so much more deadly. Normalize 9-5.

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