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How to stay motivated during WFH

We all know how hard it can be to work in Isolation and without the fun environment that we all have missed since March 2020! crazy right?

Working in Isolation definitely has its pros and cons however one thing has been common for all of us, and that is the occasional demotivation that has set in and made us all question our current jobs and not really know what to do about it.

I have listed a few easy, simple ways that you can stay motivated during these times and not let the uncertainty bring you down

  1. Create a routine: creating and following a routine is the most important step towards staying motivated, a routine can help you stay focused and achieve the tasks that you need to in a systematic manner

  2. Do what you love: take some time out to do the things you love, maybe a hobby like cooking, reading or playing a sport, its important to make time for the things you like doing as well, even if you love your job, working all day will burn you out

  3. Take regular breaks: the pandemic has created a WFH culture that expects you to be on back to back calls, and many organisations are not considering normal break times that you would have generally had if you were in office, be it even walking around to stretch your legs. During WFH make sure you set up breaks and follow them, you can block your calendar for 15 mins every 2 hours to make sure these happen.

  4. Eat well and on time: Make sure you are making time to eat your meals on time and eating properly during the day, doesn't hurt to have a company wide lunch break so that no one is disturbed during their lunch time.

  5. Talk to colleagues about non-work-related topics: make it a point to connect with colleagues or your boss to discuss things outside work as well, this helps maintain and build relationships during the WFH situation.

Staying motivated everyday can be harder than we imagine, staying consistent and having discipline may be easier, try that :)

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