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How to organize our 8-hour workday.

Written By Liz Dsouza- Founder Liz Lyn Careers

We all would love to achieve everything we set out to do during our 8-hour workday, but does that really happen? I often hear people complaining that they could not complete important tasks only because they "JUST DO NOT HAVE TIME"

So then what can we do? we surely cannot add more hours to the day and we should definitely not be spending all our time at work, here are some basic things we can do to help us start to organize our day better.

  1. Evaluate your tasks- I think the first step we all need to take is to write down all our daily tasks. We can then further divide them into mandatory tasks (tasks that only you can perform) and tasks that you may be able to delegate to someone else. You may also want to consider hiring another resource if the list is too long.

I know the first thing you are thinking, do I have the budget for an extra resource? but i would like to ask you another question- would you rather not get the tasks completed?

2. Use your calendar- I've noticed that people do not use their calendar to schedule tasks regularly and it's amazing how this simple tool can bring some structure to your day. Use your calendar to schedule small tasks, calls, and meetings, and make it a habit to stick to it.

3. Avoid using social media at work (Unless your work involves using social media)- Social media can be a big distraction while at work and even though we feel like we spend 10/15 minutes a day it all adds up, try to use social media only outside work hours in order to be productive during the 8-hour workday.

4. Prioritise your tasks- I know this is easier said than done, but if you ever want to get things done then prioritizing tasks is a very important exercise that you need to master.

5. Learn to say no- Saying no to people if you have enough to do is a great way to ensure that you aren't taking on more than you can handle, of a lot of times we agree to do things that we do not have time for and then complain when we cannot achieve these unrealistic goals that we have set up for ourselves.

They say it takes around 66 days for a behavior to become automatic, so let's start now! good luck with staying organized.


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