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How to optimize your LinkedIn profile

It's 2022 and when you think job search, you think LinkedIn. LinkedIn has become the preferred platform for job seekers and recruiters to connect with each other over the last few years and there is so much more we can do on this platform.

If we spend enough time on LinkedIn we would come across basic actions that we can perform on a regular basis that can help us optimize our profiles and thus get the attention of our future employer. Let's see what they are:

  1. Profile Photo- People will argue with you that how a person looks has nothing to do with the job they apply for, and I agree completely. However, putting a face to a name is always a good idea, and in this case a professional face. Try and use a high-resolution photo, one that is recent and professional and takes up at least 60% of the frame provided by the platform.

  2. Relevant Information- Make sure you have all the relevant information mentioned in your profile. Remember to update your current or most recent role, skills and achievements in that job, education, and other activities that you have performed which may include volunteering projects, etc

  3. Connect with the right people- If you do not know where to start in terms of your connections, start with people you know professionally, ex-colleagues, etc, and then go from there. Stick to people from your industry at first and then you can move to profiles of the Human resource managers of your desired employer

  4. Ask for recommendations- Do not be shy to ask for recommendations on LinkedIn from your previous employers or colleagues, if you do not ask you won't get it :)

  5. Use LinkedIn as a social media platform- In order to optimize your LinkedIn page you will need to be active on it regularly, you can do so by engaging with others, commenting on posts that you like, and even creating your own content, don't wait to use your LinkedIn only when you are an active job seeker.

  6. Be yourself- When it comes to giving information about yourself, try and be as real as possible, with the language you use, to the articles you post. This is a way of showcasing who you are, so try and avoid jargon as much as possible.

All this may seem like a lot of work, but spending just 10-15 mins on LinkedIn each day can make a huge difference to your profile, my first advice would be to download the app on your phone and use it like you would use any other social media app.

Have fun connecting.....

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