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How to keep track of your health and wellness while working

By Liz Dsouza, Founder-Liz Lyn Careers

We spend a lot of time working at the office or at home, and that's when we tend to lose track of all the healthy things we do when we are not as busy.

A lot of people who are employed blame the fact that they are "too busy working" "have too much on their plate" to focus on their health and this attitude, in turn, is what makes everything cascade in a negative direction.

You will see your health deteriorating, you may notice that you are irritable, sometimes you even lose motivation at your job. All this is mostly because you aren't paying attention to the small things that you can do every day to make sure that you are putting your health and wellness first even if you are at work.

Here are some things you can do to keep yourself in check on a day to day basis:

  1. Make sure to eat healthy meals- Just because you are at work or maybe busy doesn't mean that you ignore yourself and eat out every day.

Pro-tip- pack your lunch the night before, don't blame it on your mommy, please!

2. Try and be active- even when you are at the office, find ways to be active like walking around the office while taking calls, climbing the stairs instead of taking the elevator.

Pro-tip- Wear comfortable shoes so that maybe you can walk to the station or a little bit on your way home.

3. Drink water while you are work- you cannot be too busy to drink water, so makes sure you are keeping hydrated, being busy doesn't equal being parched.

Pro-Tip- Keep a bottle of water and set a timer to drink water.

4. Check your posture while you are sitting- Make sure you have a good chair or request for one from management to ensure that you are sitting in a comfortable position that's good for your back.

Pro-tip- make a habit of checking your posture every 15 mins, or get a co-worker to correct you and you can do the same for them, teamwork makes the dream work :)

5. Maintaining overall hygiene- Makes sure you keep a safe distance from people, don't share personal items, and wash your hands regularly to avoid anything that is contagious.

Pro-tip- if you or someone in the office is unwell, encourage them to go home so that they do not spread anything to the rest of the team, and I'm not talking just about COVID, a simple flu can last for days.

Here are some simple ways to start keeping a check on your overall health and wellness at work, however you shouldn't stop there. Keeping healthy is about an overall lifestyle change, you have to keep at it

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