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How to deal with rejection and failure

Do you know of anyone that is successful and hasn't dealt with rejection or failure? the answer is probably not, and still a lot of us are afraid of it and even scared to try new things because of the rejection that we may face or the fact that we may fail at it.

The reason why rejection and failures are considered a negative concept is mostly because societal norms lean towards that kind of thinking. In order to deal with being rejected or failing at something we started, we first need to change the narrative of it and accept the fact that there is a 50% chance that you will be rejected or fail at something almost every time:

Here are a few pointers on how to deal with rejection and failure on a daily basis:

  1. Do not take it personally: remember that when someone is rejecting an idea that you put across it has nothing to do with you, an idea is normally rejected because it doesn't work out for the opposite person for multiple reasons that include, time, costs involved and the vision of the business or the operation, do not attach yourself to it.

It's your idea, not you that is being rejected.

2. Remember why you started: when you fail at some time do not get drowned in overthinking about why you have failed at it, in fact, focus on why you started in the first place and work on it again, this will help you come up with a solution that actually works to resolve the problem or situation.

3. Use the feedback to learn and grow: It's very important to use the feedback to learn and grow from the experience, and anyway isn't that the purpose of everything you do?

4. Do not give up: If you do feel like your idea or opinion is one that makes sense, do not be afraid to explain yourself and put across your points in a systematic manner, sometimes we feel rejected and do not go that one step ahead.

5. Understand what failure means to you: Do you feel like you have failed at something because of your own idea of what failure is? or just because of what society considers to be a failure? remember to have your own standards, just because someone else says that you have failed doesn't mean that you have.

Life is too short to focus on the things that didn't work out, you rather focus on the things that you have learned and use that to grow and do better in the coming days, be it with your professional life or personal goals.

Chin up, head high :)


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