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Hire GenZ’s, they lit

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

Written by David Pereira- HR Manager, Liz Lyn Careers

I work with a very young team and the other day it struck me that most of them are

born after Y2K. Crazy right! I already feel like a dinosaur and I'm not even thirty. So

what is it like working with them? There are many negative stereotypes about these

“Gen Z employees”- job hopping and not staying in one role for long, having a short

attention span and they're always on their phones, many claim that they simply

cannot professionally interact face to face and don’t get me started on the memes…

they share so many memes.

IMO, (Wow, I'm starting to sound like them) it’s great having them at work, because

of what they can bring to the table. Here are a few reasons why you should really

consider hiring them.

Highly Resourceful- Lets face it, these kids grew up around technology.

They won't have all the answers, but they certainly know how to find them.

The internet is their place and if you give them a chance you will be pleasantly


Quick Learners- An extension to the previous point, it's needless to say that

they pick up things quite fast. You don’t need to have traditional training and

schooling sessions. In fact the sooner they learn the ropes the faster they will

be able to start performing.

Business Acumen- I have spoken to quite a few younger candidates and it’s

so nice to see that many of them have an ongoing side hustle (Photography,

youtube channels, insta stores, influencer marketing on social media etc.)

While this may not be a billion dollar idea, the fact that someone that young

has the motivation, discipline and ability to monetize something they are good

at, is proof that they are business oriented and with a little bit of guidance can

be great assets to your team.

Innovation- The newbies are out there trying different things, hopping on the

latest trends and what have you. They are constantly looking for the next best

thing. To many this may seem silly, pointless and a waste of time. It’s true that

most of these “trends” have very little use and just end up fading away, but

there are some that stick and impact lifestyle. For example: Tik tok- many,

myself included, thought these short videos were a waste of time, however

the popularity has got other social media platforms to create their own version

of short curated content. Let’s be honest, who doesn't want a trendsetter in

their team.

Competitive- Studies show that the younger generation are a very

competitive bunch. They are out to prove themselves at work and have been

competing for the most part of their life. Having healthy competition at work

will certainly increase productivity.

Call 'em what you want, GenZ or Zoomers and sure they come with their quirks, their

iykyk lingo and their rather odd sense of humour. Employers need to realise that

soon the Zoomers will represent a large portion of the workforce. Understanding this

new generation's traits and preferences will help you to create a culture that plays to

their strengths and makes your company an attractive option for job seekers.

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