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End of year burnout, are you feeling it?

Are you feeling it? Are you feeling the burn?

You must've noticed that a lot of people complain about fatigue or burnout by the end of the year, so is this a phenomenon? and is there a way to get over the end-of-year blues?

I have recently found myself on the edge and constantly getting annoyed by small things at work, I am unable to keep my cool, and even though its what is expected of me, I end up thinking "wow, I'm tired"

The holiday season is also a time when you are not looking forward to working and this increases the want to give it all up and run off into the sunset (literally)

So how then can we at least try and avoid feeling this way at the end of the year?

The key to avoiding burnout is living a balanced life always, I know this is easier said than done but a few things can help.

-Try and maintain a to-do-list and stick to it

-end your work day at a given time and do not take your work home

-speak to your co-workers and boss if you have too much on your plate

You do not have to prove anything to anyone.

-Be ok with who you are in your career path and remember that you can have a different journey

-More work doesn't mean a better employee if you are going to be tired and eventually quit

-you are who you are and that's ok

Putting your mental health and family first will always put you in a good mood.

-There is no reward for putting your family and own mental health last

-no amount of money can be a substitute for love and peace

- do not wait for the end of the year to plan your trips, take time off in the middle of the year to reboot

Make time for you

-Make time for the things you like to do and do not feel guilty about it

-maintain time for your hobbies

-put yourself first

The end of the year always gives you the feeling to throw out the old and start with the new, new goals and new plans, so if you are burnt out this year, think of what you can do differently next year.

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