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COVID-19- How to be a better leader during this time

By Liz Dsouza-Founder, Liz Lyn Careers

March 2020 was the turning point for people all over the world, for the first time in several years the entire world had one common problem to deal with- COVID 19, and Oh what a time to be alive!

In this one year businesses flipped the way they worked by 180º and adapted as they went even if they resisted at first, there was no way to use traditional old methods of working while trying to curb the widespread effects of a virus that no one knew what to do with.

August 2021, and we are still dealing with the virus, companies have gone back and forth on policies to ensure that they are getting the best productivity while being sensitive to their employees, and man has it been a struggle.

During this time it became imperative for all managers and bosses to demonstrate the true leadership qualities that they promised they possessed during their interviews, it was time to handle things like a true leader, this required them to be sensitive, positive, understanding, motivating, and supportive while trying to keep revenue streams active, and yes many did fail.

So what could they have done better or what can you better?

  1. Be sensitive- everyone has their own ways of coping with situations and do not forget that several people have lost loved ones during this time, if employees are worried about their safety and health be sensitive to their needs and listen to them.

  2. Plan as a team- If you are thinking of coming back to work, plan this as a team, you will get more people to go along with the plan if they are part of the decision-making.

  3. Do not make hasty decisions- Making decisions without actually weighing out the pros and cons may only result in more time getting wasted and your team losing confidence in your decision making skills. If you want to be respected as a leader you will need to make decisions that are solid and have long term positive outcomes

  4. Team meetings- Have regular team meetings during this time to encourage and motive your team to achieve goals and targets. The fact that we arent working in an environment that is energetic and zsetful may put alot of your employees and teammates in a state of boredom, try and create that by being in touch regularly.

  5. Work-life-balance- just because we are all working from home and may not have anywhere to go doesn't mean we do not have to follow work timings, its still very paramount that people have a good work-life-balance so that they can appreciate their work when they come back to it the next day

All in all, good leaders are those who focus on developing other people, encourage strategic thinking, innovation and creativity while making sure the they do not lose sight of the main goals of the business, in order to achieve this you will need to have good listening skills and remember- No idea is a bad idea.

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